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Our doctors are prepared with the best options for your dental health.

At Porteous and Burke Family Dentistry, we strive to provide you with high-quality care to maintain your healthy, beautiful smile. We recommend conservative treatment whenever possible, however in certain cases oral surgery may be the best option to restore or maintain health.  Dr. Matt and Dr. Pam are happy to meet you and discuss your treatment goals and various options.

What is Oral Surgery​?

Oral surgery covers a variety of dental treatments. The goal of oral surgery is to improve the function, health, and appearance of your smile and the surrounding structures, such as your jaw.  Oral surgery may include:

  • Tooth extraction (for teeth that are decayed, damaged, or infected beyond restorability)

  • Wisdom teeth removal

  • Jaw surgery (to treat a TMJ disorder, to correct uneven jaw growth, or to improve the fit of dentures)

  • Bone grafts (to increase bone density and/or to improve the chances for a successful dental implant)


While providing certain oral surgery treatments at our office, we also work closely with our local oral surgery specialists to ensure that you receive the very best care. Your dentist will carefully evaluate your dental needs and work with you to determine the best possible treatment plan.

If it is determined that oral surgery is necessary, we understand that patients may feel nervous, worried or scared.  At Porteous and Burke Family Dentistry our doctors are highly trained in oral surgery.  Your comfort is our top priority.  If you are anxious, we will discuss options to make you feel at ease and more relaxed.  Different levels of sedation such Nitrous oxide or an oral sedative may be prescribed.  We offer blankets, pillows and in office music for your comfort.  At your consultation, please let our dental team know if you are feeling anxious so that we can make you more comfortable.

If you are losing a functional adult tooth, tooth replacement options will be discussed with your dentist.  Implants, bridges or removable prosthetics are different options for replacing missing teeth.  According to the National Institute for Dental Cranial Research, by the age of 64, the average American will have lost three permanent teeth from decay, fracture or gum disease.  Many of our patients are choosing and loving dental implants.  Their smile is restored to health, beauty and function.  


Please contact us today to schedule your individual consultation to see if dental implants are an ideal choice for you!

Porteous & Burke Review from GoogleMyBusiness
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"I have been going to this dentistry for over 25 years and I LOVE the Porteous & Burke Family Dentistry because they make you feel like family. Once when you walk in, they are always full of smiles and makes you feel welcome. I am not just saying that because my family and I have been going to them since I was 5 (originally owned by Pam's dad) and I am planning on continuing to go even thought I live in Fairfield now. I am saying it because they truly care about their patients!"

Cheryl J.

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