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Do you hate the idea of going to the dentist?  You are not alone!  Dental anxiety is extremely common.  Our entire team and Porteous and Burke Family Dentistry are here to help.


We focus on your experience by using state-of-the art technology and a kind, gentle approach.  If it has been a while since you had any dental care, know that techniques and equipment have made huge advances in dentistry, allowing for easier and pain free dental care.  


From your first phone call we can put you at ease and discuss various options to make your dental appointment go smoothly and leave you smiling!  Our team will never lecture you, we will work with you to customize your visits and treatments to meet your dental needs, keep you comfortable, and help you achieve your healthiest, happiest mouth.

Tips for dealing with dental anxiety:​

  • Tell us how you feel.  Talking about what you are feeling can sometimes provide great relief.  Remember, you are not alone, dental anxiety is extremely common.

  • Be prepared.  Ask us questions about your upcoming appointment so you know what to expect.  If you think of something after leaving our office, don’t hesitate to call, we are happy to take as much time as necessary to answer any questions or alleviate any concerns you may have.

  • Be honest.  Let us know what makes you nervous or what you dislike about going to the dentist.  We can modify our approach to make sure you have a great experience.

  • Give a cue.  You and your dentist will establish a cue so that if you are feeling anything uncomfortable, or need a break, you can just raise your hand, for example, and your dentist will stop working immediately.  

  • Ask for headphones.  If you don’t feel like watching a show or movie, we can offer you headphones with Pandora radio or you can plug in your own mobile device and listen to your own tunes, podcasts, or audiobook.

  • Sensitive teeth?  Tell your hygienist.  If getting your teeth cleaned is usually uncomfortable or sensitive, we have great topical numbing and desensitizing products available to everyone.

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