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Dr. Burke and Dr. Pam create permanent custom crowns of the highest quality materials. 

Key Benefits of Dental Crowns, Inlays and Onlays:

  • Natural tooth appearance

  • Provide support and restore severely weak, broken teeth and decayed teeth

  • Restore misshapen teeth to ideal form and function

  • Permanent Long-lasting restorations

  • Restore functional chewing problems

What is a Dental Crown?

Dental crowns, inlays and onlays are precisely fabricated permanent restorations that repair, strengthen and restore broken, decayed, worn, weak or mis-shaped teeth.  Crowns can be made of high strength porcelain, porcelain fused to gold or gold. As with all materials, there can be advantages and disadvantages to each material.  If it is determined that your tooth would benefit from a crown, Dr. Burke or Dr. Pam will discuss which is the best material for your tooth.


Our dentists at Porteous + Burke Family Dentistry are proud to offer the most advanced porcelain technology to our patients by restoring teeth with inlays and onlays when possible.  These porcelain restorations are made the same way as crowns, but are smaller restorations with very precise designs.  Our doctors are incredibly focused on the science of porcelain design.  Both Dr. Pam and Dr. Matt regularly take the highest caliber of continuing education taught by masters in the field.  This expertise in porcelain design combined with using only the highest quality materials allows Dr. Pam and Dr. Burke to create restorations that minimize loss of healthy tooth structure.  Then end result is a beautiful, healthy, functional and long lasting smile.


Patients often tell us how our crowns are virtually undetectable.  They look and feel like their other natural teeth. 

Porteous & Burke Review from GoogleMyBusiness
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"My first visit to Dr.Pam was when I was pregnant and one of my molars had broken. I had not been to the dentist in nearly 10 years. She saw me the same day and took a lot of time making certain I was in no pain during the procedure. She also took a good deal of time making certain that the medications used were safe during pregnancy. I have had more work done since then and have been thoroughly pleased...
I happen to have a pretty rare condition which causes development of some pretty terrible mouth ulcers. Both Dr.Pam and Dr.Burke have worked with me to manage this problem as well as can be done, they are extremely compassionate and have networked with other oral health professionals in order to ensure that they are providing me with the best options for treatment. Super bonus points for having a fantastic staff and for being really flexible (important when you have young children!)"

~Megan D.



Our patient had trauma to their front teeth at a young age.  We replaced these old porcelain and metal crowns with high translucency all porcelain crowns to create a naturally beautiful smile.

Porcelain Crown before



This patient's teeth became short and worn as a result of acid erosion and grinding.  As teeth become shorter they become weaker and more susceptible to breaking, often resulting in tooth loss. The appearance of your face changes as lip and bone support are lost.  We restored this smile with high strength porcelain crowns to re-create a natural and long-lasting smile.  

Before crowns by Porteous and Burke Dentistry
After crowns by Porteous and Burke Dentistry
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