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Our Patients ARE Family! 

"Excellence is never an accident.  It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort and intelligent execution"


Porteous & Burke Family Dentistry

Our dental team at Porteous + Burke Family Dentistry works daily towards a focused and united goal: Helping you achieve the HIGHEST level of dental health that you hope for. 

Dr. Matthew Burke and Dr. Pamela Porteous-Burke have advanced and extensive training in managing and treating the most complex dental concerns.  However they pride themselves in being a Family Dental Practice.  They find joy in treating patients of all ages.  They have patients in their practice that are 1 and 101 and everything in between!  It is their expertise and advanced training that allows our Doctors to provide the highest quality of care in every stage of life.

We achieve this through patient education and collaboration to deliver tailored and specific dental care.  Our mission is the prevention of dental disease, restoring smiles as closely to nature as possible and always using the best technology and advances in the field of dentistry.  


The PREVENTION of dental disease is the FOUNDATION of our practice.  We achieve this by thorough and comfortable Checkups and Cleanings.  Mouthguard's, Fluoride treatment, sealants, orthodontics or sleep apnea devices may also be recommended to prevent dental disease.  If dental disease is present, our doctors will discuss restorative services such as fillings, crowns, bridges, root canals, extractions and dental implants so your mouth can return to a state of health.  Please refer to the below link which will provide information on almost any dental topic and dental service that we provide.


Checkups and CleaningsDental FillingsOral Cancer ScreeningSleep ApneaOrthodonticsMouth GuardsPeriodonticsOral Surgery Dentures

Root Canals • Dental Implants

Porteous & Burke Review from GoogleMyBusiness
5 stars.png

These guys are great! Not only are they up to date & skilled with the latest knowledge and technology, they are great with people skills. When I thought I might lose a front tooth not only did Dr. Pam save it but she was compassionate and supportive of my fears/feelings about the process. 

They are also great with children. I brought my daughter in for her first dental exam at age 2. Dr. Pam made the whole process warm and inviting. So much so that when we came back at age 3 my daughter was looking forward to it. It was so painless that my 1 year old wanted to get up on the chair too! 

These guys great dentists. Great work & they include you in making the right decision for yourself.


Porteous & Burke Family, Cosmetic, and Implant Dentistry.

Serving Rodeo, CA and surrounding areas: Hercules, Pinole, and Martinez.

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